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NOW - Currently designing and making a web store for "Artisan's Appeal" - to showcase and celebrate the appeals of handmade crafts by Artisans in Toyama

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what is +/- ?

+ / - is a mindset underlying all the work created under this banner. In the process of designing and creating, it is always easy to lose sight of the bigger picture and similarly, to overlook the details. + and - is the art of zooming in and out of this fickle process. It is always about a cohesive part to whole relationship. + / - aims to develop on this skill set as an individuals' choice for lifestyle that affects design in all areas of creating. The most important thing is understanding how we all can touch those around us. What we do in this lifetime carries forward to the next generation. The story here is always about a transformation of looking inward to expressing thankfully outward.
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