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NOW - Currently designing and making a web store for "Artisan's Appeal" - to showcase and celebrate the appeals of handmade crafts by Artisans in Toyama

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A discipline in architecture and design, I am someone who is passionate about cross-disciplinary growth. This means, creating something different by crossing boundaries and thinking / creating / living across them. In the process, I review who I am now, where I am now, and where I am going, preferably with a smile. The simple fact is that I breathe and live and so as long as I do, I will be a part of creating values in this world that are worth staying strong for, whether alone or together, preferably together.
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I do recommend these socks

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Experience ? Life

Photographs Through Own Eyes - Basic Skill Set
Carpentry - Sharpening Stone on CB
Surveying - Drill Work
Seeing thru a Theodolite telescope
Marking points from bottom flrs
Never forgetting to express Love
Cleaning Up After Work
Hammering Wood Piles for Surveying
Don't want the level machine wet
Adjusting the Plumb line Vertical
Lighting Up for the Ancestors
Cutting Straight with a Saw
Following Construction Dwgs
Marking points on a line
Plumb line Vertical with Strings
Willing to do whatever we need to