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Daycare + Nursing

Architectural Solutions in scaled model forms
Solution "C" - Nursing and daycare spaces alternate and wrap around to form a Semi enclosed building with central garden / playground  
Solution "B" - An extension to Solution "C" - nursing and daycare spaces are placed along the 3 axes with garden / playground in between, perpendicular to the main linear axis along the waterfront.
Solution "I" - A circulation model / diagram showing the Inside of the main linear axis that contains a library along the waterfront.
In Process Photographs - water passage through building in the linear axis - photo courtesy of ArchiCulture
Photo Courtesy of ArchiCulture - Humbling to be used for a Documentary Film Advertisement (2008-) -->


Architectural Thesis - Can Architecture be moral? The deeper we can look inside ourselves, the further we can move forward - Perhaps we cannot answer the question of righteousness in Architecture, but we can use architecture to exemplify good practices of human and environmental behaviors. This leads to the idea of a safe semi-transparent environment where older individuals can share their wisdom to younger generations in growth - where the elderly can assist younger teachers in taking care of young children and vice-versa, the joys of life. Hypothetically located on the waterfront of Redhook Brooklyn, New York, here are a couple of architectural solutions that can function as a Daycare center and a Nursing home. --> Click Here to See Other Architectural Scaled Projects

Project details

Man Hours:  Many
Category: Architectural Solutions 
Date:     2007 - 2008