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Architectural Solutions in scaled model forms
Structural Study with Form Molds and its Plastic Module
A series of tension members create different aggregates
Conservatory HighRise - Structural Steel Frame Study
Triangulated Steel Frame and Facade - Floors Cantilever
Each Floor plan is distinctly its own


ABOVE - How can one module be used in creating a field of them so that the entirety of it can change according to its needs? In the study of modules through form molds and making plastics - the characteristics of the material are tested in compression and tension - here are a few aggregates from the modules put together.

 - Hypothetically situated in Manhattan, New York, in front of the  Juliard School of Music, this HighRise is programmed as a Conservatory (a music school) for primary and secondary school. The triangulated structural steel frame is exposed and expressed in a way that looks like it's opening up in space towards the sky. The floors are cantilevered at different levels and this creates a facade where users can enjoy the view from the edge of the building, similar to climbing and descending the edges of a mountain. The study involves thinking how people move vertically within a building.

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Man Hours:  Many
Category: Architectural Questions + Solutions 
Date:     2003 - 2008