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NOW - Currently designing and making a web store for "Artisan's Appeal" - to showcase and celebrate the appeals of handmade crafts by Artisans in Toyama

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Project Attempt

A collection of the previous + / - webpage
Be Sincerely Apologetic - Cheerful - Thankful - Be You
Paper Airplane to Deliver a Special Thank You
Not sending a message ? - Let's Recycle
Wrap our thinking as GIFTS
the idea of ING - energy and motion


How can the + / - webpage portray its ideas? In what way can this feel more active than static? - This project was an attempt at putting a hands-on approach to the digital format to share a few important messages in life out there - to Recycle - to be Sincerely Apologetic - to be Sincerely Thankful - to be Sincerely Cheerful

Project details

Man Hours:  3 months 
Category: Homepage Illustrations / Animations
Date:     August 2013