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TilL Death do us apart

A laser-cut and assembled wooden box portrait for these special Love Birds
These Love Birds Illustrated - Serious / Smile 


A time-capsule box for the Bride and Groom (Love Birds) who have committed to stay strong for each other, especially Till Death Do Us Apart - What messages do they want each other to read a year from now, 5 years from now, 10 years from now, till death. The box is hinged to open and close gently with a magnet assembled inside. 7 Warriors guard what contain Hand-written Messages from each other for each other rolled up and stored inside these glass tubes. The design comes from the expressions of their faces, their Sikh Culture which gave inspiration to the originally created depictions of Guardians, the energy-full Sun-Rays, the geometrically expressed stories and messages within - using both the burnt and untouched texture of wood to create contrast and depth.

Project details

Man Hours:  Several Months
Category: Illustration / Wood Assembly
Date:     April 2014